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KXL-Beyond The Headlines

Dec 3, 2021

U.S. Bank in Portland Sr. Portfolio Manager Mike Baele on November Jobs Report; Michael Allen Harrison on Christmas at The Old Church in studio

Nov 26, 2021

KXL Tech Expert Brian Westbrook on Black Friday electronics and help with gifts; Cyber Security; Water damage and mold with Oregon Restoration; Holiday kitchen and Christmas light safety with Clackamas Fire & Rescue

Apr 23, 2021

KXL's Brett Reckamp goes in-depth with Dana Haynes who now has 8 published books with a 9th coming shortly.  Dana is a long-time Portland resident who has served as the spokesperson for the Portland Mayor and now is the Editor of the Portland Tribune.  Dana says he loves writing thriller and mystery books because that's...

Mar 19, 2021

Dr. Brian Will and Carlene Will of Will Vision and Laser Center go in-depth on the new COVID-19 concern - dry eye syndrome related to long-term mask wearing.  Dr. Will and Carlene are both experts in this field.  They discuss ways to identify and deal with the situation and symptoms; KXL Tech Expert Chris...

Mar 18, 2021

KXL Tech Expert Brian Westbrook goes in-depth on working from home tech and how tech companies like Facebook & Apple are trying to help with vaccine distribution; Ridwell Recycling Company Portland GM Taylor Loewen on how they're trying to help people in NW reuse and recycle tough to deal with items; Testimony on...