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KXL-Beyond The Headlines

Jun 27, 2015

KGW live crew attacked by crazy acting man; OR Senate Leader Ted Ferrioli wants to speed up legal pot buying process; Vancouver's Scott Warren takes to local media to get a kidney donated; Vancouver farmer deals with stink bug invasion; Film Critic for the Oregonian Marc Mohan on new movies

Jun 20, 2015

Threatening note of a shooting at WyEast Middle School; Mercy Corps from Portland on the ground in Nepal; Land around Ross Island Bridge being developed; Local Catholic reaction to Pope's Encyclical on climate change; Oregon Retirement Savings Bill

Jun 12, 2015

More on Portland's gang violence problems with Officer Tommy Stoffel from N Portland; PBOT unveils creative crosswalk in Oldtown; 2 House fires in Lake Oswego; Pregnant mom gets heart surgery; State Sen Alan Olsen returns to work after heart-attack

Jun 6, 2015

Portland Police Sergeant Pete Simpson on gang violence; Mt Hood climber falls to death; Desiree Young on 5 year anniversary of missing Kyron Horman; Hillsboro house fire; Rose Festival Jr Parade; Fake Orca vs Sea Lions