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KXL-Beyond The Headlines

May 30, 2015

Portland East Metro Gangs; 5 Star Guitars gets award; Northwest Farmers Fighting Hunger - OR Dept of AG Director Katy Coba & Oregon Food Bank's Katie Piermine

May 22, 2015

Portland City Commissioner Steve Novick on neighborhood parking permits; Vancouver flag burning and arson fires; Jim Ferretti exclusive interview with Jennifer RieDy - classmate of Kip Kikel - she was there 17 years ago at Thurston High School during the shooting; Tow Truck driver who responds to Amber Alert calls in

May 16, 2015

Bike safety rally; Amputee cyclist Allistair Corkett speaks; ODOT's Don Hamilton on SE Powell Blvd safety; Portland Police Chief Larry O'Dea; Protesters take over City Council; BB King tribute

May 8, 2015

President Obama visits Portland; Washington State teachers 1 day walk-out; Mother of slain D'andre Jackson protests violence; Portland Mayor Charlie Hales withdraws support of propane pipeline - both sides; KGW Anchor Russ Lewis wins hair award

May 1, 2015

NW climbing community reacts to earthquake in Nepal; Mayday report from downtown Portland; Heroin problem in Portland; Crime map completed by PSU and Portland Police; Barbeque grill warning