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KXL-Beyond The Headlines

May 28, 2021

KXL's Brett Reckamp sits down with Rick Gilbert, the founder of Grafletics in Sellwood.  Grafletics creates original designs often based on Portland, Oregon and sports and cultures and sells various items like quality t-shirts and hats.  Rick talks about the evolution of his design and apparel company and how they have...

May 21, 2021

The President and CEO of the National Safety Council Lorraine Martin talks about vaccines at work and how the private sector is so important; Enchanted Forest scraps re-opening plan because of mask issues; Movie Critic Grae Drake says "Tiger Zombie"

May 14, 2021

SAIF Industrial Hygienist Kim Henry on Oregon OSHA permanent rules on work safety - before the new CDC and OHA rules came down; PPB Lieutenant Greg Pashley on gun violence in Portland

May 7, 2021

OR Restoration owner Ryan Gilyeat on mold, water damage and allergies; Lynching history in OR with Taylor Stewart and the Community Remembrance Project; Lake Oswego Library on memory kit; Chlorine shortage with Wet Cat Pool Service