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KXL-Beyond The Headlines

Oct 25, 2019

Former Portland resident checks in from wildfire ravaged California; Marie Dodds on new AAA red light running dangers; Portland based author and fashion star Rose Jubb on launch of her new reality show on Amazon Prime Closet Goals; Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish on opening of new Asian Cancer Center in Lents...

Oct 18, 2019

Great American Shakeout earthquake drill; ESPN cancels Little League World Series at Alpenrose after sale; Homeless death numbers; West Burnside Foot Bridge; End of the World with Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero

Oct 12, 2019

AAA's Marie Dodds gives us her holiday air travel forecast for 2019 and they are expecting a record number of travelers - she also talks about what waiting to book could do for airline prices; Blazer fans get ready for the pre-season opener as the Blazers take on Denver outside their old arena - Veteran's Memorial...

Oct 4, 2019

We get coverage on the ground in downtown Vancouver after a shooting at Smith Tower Apartments; A 53-year-old doctor is suing OHSU Fertility Clinic 30 years after he donated a sperm saying they used it without his will or knowledge to foster 17 children throughout the Pacific Northwest