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KXL-Beyond The Headlines

Nov 28, 2015

Black Lives Matter on Black Friday; Portland Rescue Mission update during holidays; Food Born Illness with expert from USDA; 50 worst traffic bottlenecks in the US with ODOT; Attorney Peggy Nagai about Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Minoru Yasui

Nov 21, 2015

Indoor skydiving at brand new Portland IFly; "Petty The Biography" author Warren Zanes - a KXL exclusive interview with Warren about Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Nov 13, 2015

A special program dedicated solely to the issue of breast cancer. Brett talks with Dr. Tammy De La Malena, Breast Surgical Oncologist with Compass Oncology. Dr. De La Malena shares her extensive knowledge on the important issue including the state of the disease, prevention, detection and treatment.

Nov 6, 2015

Vandal dressed as Snow White ruins statue at St. Matthew School; Portland man held in deplorable Mexican prison for no reason; Longview Fire on 2 hero's catching kids from 2nd story burning duplex; CBS's Peter King on Mars changing atmosphere; KXL Movie Critic Gary Walcott reviews new James Bond movie