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KXL-Beyond The Headlines

Feb 26, 2015

WW's Nigel Jayquiss on more emails from Kitzhaber suggesting he involved his fiance Cylvia Hayes in the Cover Oregon debacle; Garth Brooks coming to town; Portland Police Sergeant Pet Simpson on a shooting and manhunt; Hillsboro Police warning about door to door impostors pretending to be from water department;...

Feb 20, 2015

Complete coverage of the sad death of former Blazer Jerome Kersey; The passing of the guard as new Oregon Governor Kate Brown takes her oath of office and speaks to Oregonians - more team coverage; Harlem Globetrotters; Portland Golf Show

Feb 14, 2015

All about Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber as he finally announces his resignation; Comments from KXL anchors and reporters, Kitzhaber, Nigel Jayquiss from Willamette Week; Sheila Hamilton from KINK, Lars Larson and more

Feb 7, 2015

Portland area strippers meet with club owners and lobby lawmakers for safer and cleaner working conditions; Oregon Tradeswomen chimes in on men vs women pay; Oregon trading company reeling from shipping dock labor slowdown; Vancouver, WA named one of the most romantic cities in the country