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KXL-Beyond The Headlines

Aug 28, 2014

Portland Public School Board member Bobbie Regan on what's in store for the new school year; Reynolds High Principal Wade Bakley on a summer of healing and upgrades to their gym and locker rooms; Gresham Police Officer Dan Estes on neighborhood watch; ODOT bad movers sting

Aug 23, 2014

Portland man tells us about a phone scam; Biography of Fred G. Meyer; Oregon State University men's basketball player collapses at practice; Two Portland men tell us about their battle with Parkinson's Disease

Aug 15, 2014

Team coverage on the death of comedian and actor Robin Williams; Portland Police on how to peacefully deal with demonstrations; Smart pills help with med dependence; Scrabble Conrad Bassette-Brouchard champ is from Portland

Aug 9, 2014

Jennifer Huston body found press conference; Century Link expanding service to Portland; Vancouver bike thefts booming; Kiwanis camp controversy; First Oregonian to get a new heart attack preventing device

Aug 1, 2014

OHSU gets a $100 million dollar anonymous donation; Bend North Little League All Stars try to make it to the Little League World Series; NW outdoor enthusiasts don't like the rain; Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle on livability survey