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KXL-Beyond The Headlines

Apr 24, 2015

Kids in hot care in L.O., Motorcycle lane split law; Uber in Portland; Gay marriage in Oregon; Rosemary Anderson High School prom; OR Wildfire preview; Outdoor activity vehicle test; Paint recycling in OR

Apr 17, 2015

Internet relationship ends with a baseball bat to the head; Pot poisoning for kids; Bat condos; Port of Portland Terminal 6 Director; Run of Thrones

Apr 10, 2015

Vancouver police looking for man attacking joggers on trails; Love my gas prices company offering gas price insurance; Teacher job fair at Convention Center; Boat washes up near Oregon Coast carrying marine life from Japan; Home Brewing rally and open house at Hopworks Urban Brewery; Apple Watch review

Apr 3, 2015

South Albany High School Fire; Arrest in Nicole Laube murder case - teen already convicted of rape was on probation; Willamette Egg Farms gears up for Easter